The untapped fitness device that have enormous health benefits

rowing machines

A rowing machine also referred as an indoor rower, is an equipment used to bring some action for watercraft rowing for the purpose of working out or training for rowing.

Contemporary indoor rowers are referred as  Ergo-meters –a gadget which measures the amount of energy used during a rowing exercise. The indoor rower has a scale that measures the amount of work you perform during the entire rowing exercise and have qzz in your life.

Rowing machines are one of the fitness types of  equipment you might have come across in the gym or other workout areas and currently, you can find them in homes too.

Exercising using rowing machines is the modern way of workout to make your body sweat and lose weight or shed the unwanted fat. As technology advances, you get workout styles with more accuracy.

Ideal for strengthening and toning of muscles, increasing stamina and losing weight, the rowing machine is a game changer. Working out with the rowers targets most of the major muscle groups and helps to build your upper and lower body.

Besides, rowers help your lungs and heart to work properly by providing a great aerobic exercise. Check out a list 7 of benefits of using rowing machines below:

1. Weight Loss

Working out on a rower regularly is a great way to tone muscles, burn calories, and increase your energy levels. A rowing machine exercise can burn up to 600 calories in just an hour, which is quite effective compared to several others home fitness pieces of equipment.

If you combine rowing workouts with a healthy diet, you will achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Improves Cardiorespiratory System

Rowing machines improve the ability of your lungs to supply oxygen to the heart, blood and other parts of your body. Lack of cardiorespiratory exercises can lead
to heart diseases.

The best part is that enhancing your aerobic exercises is possible in short intervals, so it does not take too much time on your day’s schedule. You only require 10 minutes of serious high-intensity workout or just 30 minutes of consistent exercising –on a rowing machine.

3. Offers Low Impact Workout With Excellent Results

Whether it is recreational or competitive rowing, use of rowing machines is exceptional because they help in exercising all the main muscle groups. From your arms to your back and legs are all involved in rowing. Furthermore, rowing is a low-impact workout which provides great results.

4. Improves Muscle Strength

The muscles that are mainly used by rowers are the quadriceps – the muscles on the front part of your thigh. The muscles are essential for stretching the knee and also acts as hip flexors, which helps you to make leg movements. When your quadriceps are strong, workouts and activities like jogging, squats, and walking are done effectively with more strength.

5. Reduces Stress

The consistency associated with the use of rowing machines together with the outdoors atmosphere has a way of reducing stress and leaving you more relaxed.

6. Enhance Joint And Muscle Mobility

Rowing activities involve several different joints and muscles without causing any strain, making this activity perfect for individuals suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis. During rowing, the joints and the muscles experience a lot of movements which reduces stiffness and enhances flexibility. If you are living an inactive life, try loosening your joints and muscles by using a rowing machine at a controlled pace for about 20-30 minutes.

7. Stabilizes The Entire Body

Using a rowing machine requires the neutralizer and stabilizer muscles, these muscles help you to avoid falling and maintains balance. In addition, such activities help your trunk or core becomes stronger and capable of handling off-balanced motions.


A rowing machine can help improve your overall health. You do not need long-distance runs for you to keep fit or to achieve your fitness goals. Frequent rowing workouts are perfect if you are looking to reap maximum fitness benefits.

The rowing machines do not strain your joints and back, making them the perfect fitness equipment for both experts and fitness enthusiasts.

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