Is Alexandria’s Genesis real or fiction?



There has been much dispute on the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. It appears as if this disorder is the effect of an urban legend, as nobody with this condition appears to subsist today so far as the scientific society is aware. It also appears as though this disorder could exist or it may have subsisted in the past, showing the way to further conjecture. Let us see in this article, whether Alexandria’s Genesis is real or it is just fictional and the real the story behind this disorder.

Alexandria’s Genesis – what it is?

Alexandria’s Genesis is considered a hereditary transformation that makes the eyes to change from gray or blue to purple for about the next six months following they have been born. During the teenage years, the color is said to become deeper to a violet-blue or royal purple and continue this dark purple way, but it will not affect the vision of a person. People who have this transformation are in no way grow pubic, body, facial, or anal hair apart from that on the top of their ears, head, eyebrows, noses and eyelashes. Some people also say that women with this disorder are fertile, but they do not menstruate.

Additional resources say that this disorder can result in a range of symptoms, as well as iridescent white skin that is resistant to tanning or burning. Women are said to hold this change and it affects those with blue or black hair, more frequently. People assert that those with this transformation can survive up to 130 to 150 years, with aging comes to an end around 50 years, and they do not put on weight and encompass a good shape, no issue how much they consume, seldom digest and are resistant to most ailments so they hardly ever become sick. This mutation affects Caucasians more frequently, but interracial kids may come across this mutation if they get it from many genes.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis fiction or fact?

Many people claim that this condition is the solitary way to build up purple eyes. There are claims that people encompass Alexandria’s Genesis have survived so long that it may be likely. There are mutations that cause kids to have extremely short lifetimes where they get aged extremely quickly, so it is likely that there is a disorder that would result in the opposite to happen. There are as well, some races, which are identified for having an extremely high performance immune system, so it is likely that some people may have a mutation that assists limit how frequently they are ill. It is as well, not farfetched to visualize somebody that has a lofty metabolism that does not put on weight effortlessly or has more than the average eyesight.

The features of Alexandria’s Genesis emerge to be too common to be a part of one gene, which means that they would be required to stem from numerous discrete genes. Some of the attributes connected with this disorder are physiologically unfeasible.

v A person could not fail to manufacture waste because toxins would increase in the body, resulting in death.

v Fair-haired skin that opposes burning is also unfeasible, as the only way to defend the skin is by the existence of melanin that constructs the skin darker.

v An individual who was said to encompass Alexandria’s Genesis was hypothetically said to survive past the age of 150 years, but this is also unfeasible because the highest reported living individual only survived for 122 years.

It is likely that there is a gene disparity, which can cause lighter skin, purple eyes, and allows people to continue healthy so they survive longer, but there is no sufficient evidence that Alexandria’s Genesis exists today.

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