Causes and Treatment of Hair Thinning in Women

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Hair thinning in women is one of the most noticeable and scariest problems women can face. Our hair is one of the key components in the way we present ourselves to others. When we begin pulling more hair than usual out of the shower drain fear is the foremost feeling for most women. Let’s look at some of the causes and treatments for hair lossso that you will be able to have a plan of action when tackling this problem.

Causes of Hair Thinning in Women    1418551_89875495

There are obvious culprits of hair loss such as chemotherapy, and some lesser known causes like stress or pregnancy. An astounding 90% of hair thinning has proven to be genetic, and must be treated medically. This genetic predisposition includes thyroid disorders and some autoimmune diseases.

Stress Induced Hair Loss

Crying at the drop of a hat when you are under extreme stress is not always the worst part of stress for women. It causes us to forget meals, toss and turn at night, and generally take poor care of ourselves. We can also forget daily medications. Stress has the ability to turn our world upside down. All of these things come together in a perfect storm that causes an extreme imbalance in our bodies. These imbalances can cause hair loss.

Treating Hair Loss Caused by Stress

If you know the cause of your stress, and can eliminate it from your life do so. If you have no idea what is stressing you out look at where you are the most stressed. Is it at work? Maybe a work project is the cause. If it is at home it could be anything from teenagers to housework.

Once you know what is stressing you out identify what you can change or eliminate and work toward that goal. Take 15 minutes a day and do something you enjoy. Learn some deep breathing techniques. Clear your schedule as much as you can. If nothing works talk to your doctor about stress management options you may not be aware of.

Hair Loss Caused by Diet

Practically every woman on the planet has tried a diet or two. If you have recently started a diet or changed the foods you eat you may notice hair thinning. Changing the vitamins and minerals you take in will cause a chemical change in your body and can result in hair loss. This is especially true for women who are losing large amounts of weight.

Treating Diet Induced Hair Loss

To treat this cause of hair loss you will want to pay special attention to the vitamins you take. The ones you want to focus on are B vitamins, folic acid, and Biotin among others. Some women find that a prenatal vitamin is enough to get hair production back to normal.

Scalp massages are said to help with hair loss no matter what the cause. Massaging the scalp helps increase blood flow to the hair follicles. This increased blood stimulates growth.

Hair thinning in women is common and some hair loss is to be expected. It is said that we lose anywhere from 100-150 strands of hair daily. When you notice that you are losing more than that it is time to look at the reasons why and what can be done to get back a full head of flowing locks.


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