The untapped fitness device that have enormous health benefits

rowing machines

A rowing machine also referred as an indoor rower, is an equipment used to bring some action for watercraft rowing for the purpose of working out or training for rowing.

Contemporary indoor rowers are referred as  Ergo-meters –a gadget which measures the amount of energy used during a rowing exercise. The indoor rower has a scale that measures the amount of work you perform during the entire rowing exercise and have qzz in your life.

Rowing machines are one of the fitness types of  equipment you might have come across in the gym or other workout areas and currently, you can find them in homes too.

Exercising using rowing machines is the modern way of workout to make your body sweat and lose weight or shed the unwanted fat. As technology advances, you get workout styles with more accuracy.

Ideal for strengthening and toning of muscles, increasing stamina and losing weight, the rowing machine is a game changer. Working out with the rowers targets most of the major muscle groups and helps to build your upper and lower body.

Besides, rowers help your lungs and heart to work properly by providing a great aerobic exercise. Check out a list 7 of benefits of using rowing machines below:

1. Weight Loss

Working out on a rower regularly is a great way to tone muscles, burn calories, and increase your energy levels. A rowing machine exercise can burn up to 600 calories in just an hour, which is quite effective compared to several others home fitness pieces of equipment.

If you combine rowing workouts with a healthy diet, you will achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Improves Cardiorespiratory System

Rowing machines improve the ability of your lungs to supply oxygen to the heart, blood and other parts of your body. Lack of cardiorespiratory exercises can lead
to heart diseases.

The best part is that enhancing your aerobic exercises is possible in short intervals, so it does not take too much time on your day’s schedule. You only require 10 minutes of serious high-intensity workout or just 30 minutes of consistent exercising –on a rowing machine.

3. Offers Low Impact Workout With Excellent Results

Whether it is recreational or competitive rowing, use of rowing machines is exceptional because they help in exercising all the main muscle groups. From your arms to your back and legs are all involved in rowing. Furthermore, rowing is a low-impact workout which provides great results.

4. Improves Muscle Strength

The muscles that are mainly used by rowers are the quadriceps – the muscles on the front part of your thigh. The muscles are essential for stretching the knee and also acts as hip flexors, which helps you to make leg movements. When your quadriceps are strong, workouts and activities like jogging, squats, and walking are done effectively with more strength.

5. Reduces Stress

The consistency associated with the use of rowing machines together with the outdoors atmosphere has a way of reducing stress and leaving you more relaxed.

6. Enhance Joint And Muscle Mobility

Rowing activities involve several different joints and muscles without causing any strain, making this activity perfect for individuals suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis. During rowing, the joints and the muscles experience a lot of movements which reduces stiffness and enhances flexibility. If you are living an inactive life, try loosening your joints and muscles by using a rowing machine at a controlled pace for about 20-30 minutes.

7. Stabilizes The Entire Body

Using a rowing machine requires the neutralizer and stabilizer muscles, these muscles help you to avoid falling and maintains balance. In addition, such activities help your trunk or core becomes stronger and capable of handling off-balanced motions.


A rowing machine can help improve your overall health. You do not need long-distance runs for you to keep fit or to achieve your fitness goals. Frequent rowing workouts are perfect if you are looking to reap maximum fitness benefits.

The rowing machines do not strain your joints and back, making them the perfect fitness equipment for both experts and fitness enthusiasts.

5 healthy tips for working people

Most white-collar jobs demand long working hours. This can be physically and mentally draining. According to experts, there is a lot you can do for a healthier workplace. In this article, we have summarized for you an all-inclusive guide on 5 healthy tips for working people.

Choose the best and comfortable work boots

The importance of work boots cannot be understated. Once you wear the right pair of boots, you’ll be protecting your feet from different hazards. The boots should protect you from cold temperatures, exposed nails, slippery services and electrical charges. The most recommended type of boots are police boots; hence they are especially comfortable and built to last longer under harsh conditions.

Watch your sitting posture

Poor working posture can be detrimental to your health. It can damage your spinal structure or result to serious back pain. To maintain a balance between strengthening and stretching your muscles, you should consider some ergonomic changes. First, you should keep your monitor at your eye level. Make sure you sit close to your work station. Secondly, align your hips, shoulders and ears in one vertical line. If you are working on a task when standing, you should distribute your weight evenly on your back and the front part of your body.

Take a healthy diet and drink adequate water

A healthy diet should have the right blend of nutrients and minerals. Try to minimize the intake of snacks your co-workers place on the table. They are likely to add a lot of calories in your diet which can lead to unwanted weight. Instead of taking three larger meals, just take a few portions four times a day. This will ensure your body’s metabolism remains active. You should also incorporate fruits in your meals and drink a lot of water.

Turn your workspace into a workout space

Most people focus on their work for long hours, and they are not fully aware of the negative impact this has to their health. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, you can do some exercises right in your office. For instance, you can keep resistance bands or a small set of dumbbells. On the other hand, you can squat to keep the abdominal muscles tight and maintain the right posture. You can substitute these exercises with press-ups. Although the exercises may not be strenuous, they will help to keep your organs into better shape. After work, it’s recommended that you develop a culture of doing some helpful exercises like walking.

Get enough rest

Resting helps to relieve stress and tension you experienced during the day. In fact, a simple 30 minutes rest can do wonders. Medical experts recommend that you should not work for long hours without some occasional breaks. The same applies to sleeping. Although some consider sleeping as waste of time, it isn’t. Studies have shown that, lack of enough sleep is linked to reduced immune system functioning, increased risk of heart disease and depression. Enough sleep helps to recharge your body for the next day.

When working in a busy office, it can be hard to manage your workload while at the same time stay on track with your health goals. However, when you follow the above tips, you’ll live a healthy life while working for long hours.


Did you ever hear of inversion tables?

We have all heard about it. We all know it. The force that brought down an apple in the sight of Sir Isaac Newton. It is called gravity. However, what most of us do not know is that whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or working out, the force of gravity is silently compressing and putting pressure on discs, ligaments and nerve roots in your spine and joints. This may sound little but look, from the time you left bed in the morning to the time you go to sleep tonight, you will have lost approximately a three quarter of an inch from your total height to gravity. This compression results in pain in the back and weight bearing joints. Moreover, spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis and herniated discs are worsened by gravitational force causing sharp pains in the back, buttocks and legs. To counter this effect of gravity, the body is put in an upside down position and the sane gravity slowly reverses its painful effects. This is called inversion therapy. Use of an inversion table is one of the commonest forms of this therapy.

An inversion table is an equipment designed to hold the body in an upside down position hanging by the legs for therapeutic purposes. The body is strapped by ankle bars, body straps or other mechanisms and the inversion table is then inverted from the horizontal position to the desired angle. In the upside down position, the spine and the joints below the anchor are decompressed leading to pain relief.

One of the greatest reasons why people find inversion tables heaven sent is that one need not undergo a back surgery to relieve pain. Surgery is invasive, painful, expensive and one spends time in the hospital. Invasion tables on the other hand can be used from the comfort of one’s home and they give excellent results. Also, unlike gravity gumboots one has more control when using am inversion table and can use angles that don’t strain the ankles or joints.

Inversion tables have shown awesome benefits in relieving pain and in general body wellness. Here are some of them:

1. Relieving back pains When discs and the vertebra are compressed, they in turn cause pressure on nerves that leave the spine through openings between the vertebra which causes pain. Inversion decompresses the vertebra, increases length of the discs taking pressure off the nerves and hence relieving pain. It also realigns the back and gives a better posture.

2. Relieves joint pains Joint pains are common especially after workouts. Inversion stretches and elongates overworked muscles relieving these pains.

3. Reduces stress Inversion relieves the stress on the neck and shoulders.

4. Enhances circulation When the body is in an upside position, the blood circulation is enhanced. Increased blood circulation in the brain helps relieve headaches. The lymph circulation is also enhanced hence waste products are more efficiently eliminated from the body and since lymphocytes circulate in the lymph system, immunity is enhanced.

5. Increased flexibility and alertness Stretching of the muscles by inversion therapy makes one more flexible and active.
Despite the many benefits of inversion tables, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, eye problems and pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before using them.

How to get rid of pimples



As the infamous quote goes –

“It is easy to display a wound – the proud scars of combat, but hard to show a pimple.”

Yes, pimples can sometimes become so terrible, that we are often ready to go any extent just to get rid of them. But getting rid of pimples isn’t as hard as it looks, and the biggest question is – How to get rid of pimples fast? But interestingly, some of the best anti-acne remedies are available within your kitchen walls that have an efficacy far better than the expensive pimple treatments available in the market.

Here are some of the quickest homemade remedies that can help alleviate pimples or razor bumps.

  1. Ice and Toothpaste:

Ice is an excellent agent to even out the pimple mounts and closes the skin pores. In case of keloid, there can be nothing better than Ice cubes. This method works best when tried along with toothpaste. Toothpaste has Triclosan (Zinc Chloride) which is known to exhibit a good anti-microbial property. Try out the below steps:

Step 1: Wash face with a neem-based face wash and wipe dry.

Step 2: Place ice cubes where pimples appear bulgy. Keep them in place till the skin cells in the area begin to tighten.

Step 3: After that, apply a pea-size toothpaste on the pimples and leave it overnight.


It is recommended to use a white toothpaste than gel-based ones. And, see to it that the toothpaste remains intact for at least 2-3 hours.

  1. Lemons:

Lemon is a rich storehouse of vitamin C, which is a terrific antioxidant, hence helps fight free radicals. Also, lemon contains an extra dose of collagen that plays a vital role in repairing damaged skin cells. More than all this, Lemons help fade out the pimple spots and quells off pimples in no time.


Step 1: Make a paste by mixing lemon juice with turmeric powder (1:2 ratio). Turmeric powder has an active ingredient – Curcumin, which has good antimicrobial properties.

Step 2: On a clean face apply this paste (re-apply more in areas where pimples are more aggravated).

Step 3: Keep it for at least 15 minutes, and wash off with cold water.

  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is known as the “Plant of Immortality”. It has salicylic acid that attributes to its anti-acne property, and it is found to have a good cleansing property due to the presence of a chemical component – saponins. Aloe vera can also treat hair loss.


Step 1: Cut a small piece of an aloe leaf, and carefully extract the gel from it using a knife.

Step 2: Take 2-3 tbsp of this gel (the rest can be refrigerated and used for a latter purpose), and mix it well with 5 tbsp of orange juice.

Step 3: Dampen cotton pads with this juice and apply it all over the face.

Step 4: Wash it off with cold water after 20-30 minutes.


Aloe juice can induce mild irritation to the skin. In that case, you can dilute the mixture with 2 tsp of honey.

Aloe vera is also known for a great remedy if you have health digestion issues, especially for constipation and considered a great natural remedy for improving your health.

  1. Camphor:

It is a white crystalline and is known for its excellent disinfectant properties. Research shows the immense scope of camphor in skin beauty treatments.

Step 1: Crush camphor crystals to get a fine powder.

Step 2: Mix this with some rose water or turmeric juice, and apply it on the pimple spots.

Alternatively, you can apply a very thin layer over the rest of the face.

Step 3: Wash off with plain water after 15 minutes.

This method is a very quick way to get rid of pimples.


Camphor can sting your eyes, and so take extra care while applying near eye area. It is preferable to keep cotton pad dipped in rose water over the eyes while applying this paste over the face.

  1. Neem:

Aka Azadirachta Indica has vast references in ancient Ayurvedic texts and has been eulogized for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. For the very same reason, Neem has been extensively used in cosmetics especially when it comes to acne treatment. Below are the 2 chemical components in Neem, which play a vital role in combating Pimples. Neem is an excellent remedy for treating gas and bloating.

Chemical composition


Gedunin, Nimbidin

Antimicrobial property


Anti-Inflammatory property



Step 1: Grind neem leaves till you get a nice thick paste.

Step 2: Take 2-3 tbsp of this paste and mix it with a reasonable amount of tomato juice.

Step 3: Apply it all over a clean face and neck, and wash it off after 45 minutes.

This remedy is the best example of how to get rid of pimples fast and easy!!

  1. Mint leaves:

Mint is rich in terpenes that contribute to its anti-inflammatory property. Added to this, it is also a strong anti-germicide, and can remove the excess sebum accumulated in pimples.

There are many varieties of mint:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Spearmint
  3. Lemon mint
  4. Field mint
  5. Corsican mint
  6. Apple mint

For the below remedy, peppermint is best advised. Nevertheless, the other varieties will also suffice.


Step 1: Prepare mint juice by crushing its leaves, and mix with some water.

Step 2: Add some lemon juice (4-5 drops), and apply this paste over the pimples.

Step 3: Wash it after half an hour with plain water.

  1. Honey

Honey has been used since time immemorial as a beauty enhancer. Both applying it superficially, and intake can benefit our body a lot. Inhibin, a chemical component in honey contributes to the antimicrobial qualities of honey. At the same time, it makes the skin look youthful.


Step 1: Mix honey with sandalwood powder till you get a smooth paste.

Step 2: Apply this all over the face and neck.

Step 3: Wash it off with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.


The sandalwood in this pack, acts as a good cooling agent, and can also be applied to dark puffy eye circles.

Other lead-in tips on how to get rid of pimples fast:

#1. In case you have no time to explore your kitchen area for the above ingredients, you can try simple salt. Yes! Salt.

Salt is nature’s best disinfectant. Simply apply a pinch of salt/saline water and press it to the pimples spots. You can also mix with some lemon juice for better results.

#2. Face wash with salicylic acid is the best, especially for acne prone skin. Choose a proper salicylic based face wash from the market with low alcohol content.

#3. Since lemon is highly acidic, it is always recommended not to try undiluted lemon extract, especially in the face. Always use it in combination with another ingredient.

#4. Tea concoction is another best solution to help treat pimples. It has good antioxidants that can soothe the bruised pimple spots.

Apart from all this, a clean face is the best preventive measure. So the best way to keep pimples at bay is to clean your face regularly.

So, if you are the one struggling with acne problem, take heart!! Because, it’s never too late. Try out these simple homemade remedies and you are sure to reap the rewards in no time.

This article was written by dan best  – a certified health writer. Love my article? – contact me on my about page.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis real or fiction?



There has been much dispute on the existence of Alexandria’s genesis. It appears as if this disorder is the effect of an urban legend, as nobody with this condition appears to subsist today so far as the scientific society is aware. It also appears as though this disorder could exist or it may have subsisted in the past, showing the way to further conjecture. Let us see in this article, whether Alexandria’s Genesis is real or it is just fictional and the real the story behind this disorder.

Alexandria’s Genesis – what it is?

Alexandria’s Genesis is considered a hereditary transformation that makes the eyes to change from gray or blue to purple for about the next six months following they have been born. During the teenage years, the color is said to become deeper to a violet-blue or royal purple and continue this dark purple way, but it will not affect the vision of a person. People who have this transformation are in no way grow pubic, body, facial, or anal hair apart from that on the top of their ears, head, eyebrows, noses and eyelashes. Some people also say that women with this disorder are fertile, but they do not menstruate.

Additional resources say that this disorder can result in a range of symptoms, as well as iridescent white skin that is resistant to tanning or burning. Women are said to hold this change and it affects those with blue or black hair, more frequently. People assert that those with this transformation can survive up to 130 to 150 years, with aging comes to an end around 50 years, and they do not put on weight and encompass a good shape, no issue how much they consume, seldom digest and are resistant to most ailments so they hardly ever become sick. This mutation affects Caucasians more frequently, but interracial kids may come across this mutation if they get it from many genes.

Is Alexandria’s Genesis fiction or fact?

Many people claim that this condition is the solitary way to build up purple eyes. There are claims that people encompass Alexandria’s Genesis have survived so long that it may be likely. There are mutations that cause kids to have extremely short lifetimes where they get aged extremely quickly, so it is likely that there is a disorder that would result in the opposite to happen. There are as well, some races, which are identified for having an extremely high performance immune system, so it is likely that some people may have a mutation that assists limit how frequently they are ill. It is as well, not farfetched to visualize somebody that has a lofty metabolism that does not put on weight effortlessly or has more than the average eyesight.

The features of Alexandria’s Genesis emerge to be too common to be a part of one gene, which means that they would be required to stem from numerous discrete genes. Some of the attributes connected with this disorder are physiologically unfeasible.

v A person could not fail to manufacture waste because toxins would increase in the body, resulting in death.

v Fair-haired skin that opposes burning is also unfeasible, as the only way to defend the skin is by the existence of melanin that constructs the skin darker.

v An individual who was said to encompass Alexandria’s Genesis was hypothetically said to survive past the age of 150 years, but this is also unfeasible because the highest reported living individual only survived for 122 years.

It is likely that there is a gene disparity, which can cause lighter skin, purple eyes, and allows people to continue healthy so they survive longer, but there is no sufficient evidence that Alexandria’s Genesis exists today.